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“Rob from Exit To Success knows exactly what he is talking about when it comes to business exits and planning for change.  When I first came to see him, I was totally overwhelmed by the whole process. I simply had no idea in which direction to go. He got me to focus on the key issues and I developed the right mindset. This enabled me to deal with the many complex issues and I achieved the results that I wanted. In fact, my original expectations were far exceeded and I was able to turn over a new leaf in my business. I have not looked back since.”

Tonci Prusac, New Level Personal Training Newtown, Geelong, Victoria


“Rob Jagger from Exit to Success has an extensive knowledge around how to transform any business into a gem. The quality of the information and ideas that he shares are only matched by the generosity with which he shares them, and the purpose and kindness he demonstrates. If you are looking to retire or sell your business with brio, he is the one who will take you there.”

Nathalie Gevinti, Unlimited Mindset Solutions, Victoria


“Rob from Exit To Success is all about getting down to basics. From the first exercise ‘what is the cost of doing business’ I realised how much I needed to slow down and look at the business with perspective and planning; to become proactive rather than reactive. He is also infectiously positive. This was great for me as after a very challenging establishment year in my first business, positivity was an emotion that I badly needed to reclaim. After our very first mentoring session I felt reinvigorated; after the last I felt in control again!

In the months since our sessions I have been able to establish realistic sales targets for my retail business and we are well on the way to achieving them.”

Jenny Brown, Director Melbournalia,  Shop 5 / 50 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.


” Over the past financial year, the management of Boss Polymer Technologies have engaged the services of Rob Jagger from Exit To Success to provide advice, suggestions and support in relation to future market planning and early considerations towards the eventual sale of the business. Rob provided guidance through the process of identifying and instigating initiatives in order to improve production and to engage employees in the process. We analysed the viability of our production lines and came to the decision to obsolete two lines and move a third, making room for a new proprietary line, involving an investment of $1.1 million. Rob’s advice was invaluable, particularly in relation to market research and obtaining access to funds.

 I am pleased to recommend Rob and Exit To Success, I found the experience to be both positive and rewarding, broadening the scope of our considerations and generating some great ideas. It helped to give us confidence, clarification and focus.”

Elisabeth Mills,  General Manager Boss Polymer Technologies , 28 Miles St Mulgrave, Victoria. 


“Rob form Exit To Success is very knowledgeable in all areas of the business. With no previous business experience, Rob has helped me through the process in order to improve production and to engage employees in the process to run my business from start. I was amazed by the result achieved by following the ideas provided by Rob for all my business related problems.

I would strongly recommend Rob Jagger from Exit to Success Consulting to anyone new to business. The experience has given me the confidence to take my business to the next level.”

Lokesh Baskaran, Director Quantum Recycling Solutions Pty Ltd, 7/8-20, Rhur street, Dandenong South, Vic -3175


“Rob was great, he came in and listened to my situation and helped me develop a plan to transition from on industry to a new one. This was and is a big change in my life. I needed help in exiting a business and make sure I did not leak money as I did it. Rob was great helping with checklists; contacts and just general advise to help get me through the transition.

Rob made a very difficult time less stressful, his calm demeanor and relaxed delivery methods made life very easy. It was very helpful, as I transitioned out of one industry into a very different one.  Rob helped with the process so it felt easy, well not as hard as I thought it would be, changing from the fitness industry to the IT industry is a big change.”

Cameron Walsh from Cameron Walsh Sports Performance Coaching, now living in Perth after wrapping up in Melbourne thanks to Rob’s help.


“I would like to write a brief letter of thanks to Rob Jagger from Exit to Success, for his assistance with my business Power Industries Australia.

 As many business owner I often lack the time to be able to work on the business rather than in it.  Being able to utilise time effectively with Rob was a key to a successful working relationship.

Rob was able to provide clear advise on the direction of the business and offer up alternative viewpoints that had not be considered previously.  Being in a business it is not always evident what the set course of action should be for the future, Rob helped guide a structure and direction for the business into the future. 

 Thank you for your assistance with Power Industries Australia”

Scott Lacey, MD of  Power Industries Australia