A day in the life of an Exit Planner

 When thinking about what to put in my first blog, I started with what I know to be true: people are interested in the ‘ins and outs’ of others. After all – finding out what makes up 24 hours of another’s day offers many clues to success and new ideas. To co-incide with the launch of Exit to Success, I present to you … a day in the life!



Starting Right

On Thursday mornings I have an early 6am start to get ready for my weekly networking breakfast.  In our BNI (Business Network International) meeting there are 26 fellow business people focussed on helping each other to make their businesses successful. It is great to catch up weekly with my BNI tribe, to hear about their major events, swap referrals to potential clients and to support each other.

 Mark Twain


Down To Biz

Later in the morning I return to the office, where I follow Mark Twain’s advice and deal with my most important tasks first.  Twain noted that if you “eat a live frog first thing in the morning then nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” So I focus on the difficult but important tasks that are important for my business to grow and succeed. Today I am working on the business structure of a printing business to reduce key person risk. This is critical for a business exit, because a business that is heavily reliant on its owner is much less attractive to potential buyers. I will propose to the owner that he nominates one of the sales team to full responsibility for the business’ sales activities, and one of the office staff to be responsible for suppliers and admin tasks. This will require role definitions to be written and performance plans to be agreed to. By mid-morning I review the emails and correspondence before addressing the other items on my ‘To Do’ list.

Road ahead


On The Road

In the afternoon I usually hit the road for meetings with business owners and business advisers to follow up on enquiries. At 2.30pm I have a meeting across town with a suburban accountant to discuss how we can work together to support his clients. He agrees to review his customer list for business owners that match the provided profile, and I propose to give a presentation to them about the value gained from the business exit process.  Later I’ll be back at the office to address any loose ends that can’t wait until tomorrow. Then I document the key outstanding items to provide priority for the following day. I finish around 6pm and head home to a meal with my wife and the girls.  

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