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Different aspects of my Exit Planning business


Business and Pleasure: How Does Your Business Perform When You’re Taking a Break?

A recent survey by The Sellability Score found that companies able to perform well without their owner present for a period of three months are 50% more likely to receive an offer of acquisition when compared to an owner-dependent businesses. In today’s Exit to Success Blog, we’ll look at why taking a long-earned break right […]

Brick Wall

Unlocking Wealth

 Preparing your business for sale and viewing your asset from the buyer’s perspective.   My clients often ask – “What are the key elements I need to undertake to increase the value of my business for sale?” Establishing (and increasing) business value is important for many reasons. During your time running and growing the business, you […]

Ice Cream

Getting Prepared for ‘Life After Business’

 Selling your business can be overwhelming  For many business owners, selling a business carries with it the perception of being overwhelming and complex. Of course, business owners want to sell their asset and enjoy the quality time they’ve earned from their toil. Yet for all that, there are inevitably issues that a business owner will […]