Business Advisers

Kudos on being a Trusted Adviser !

You have worked hard to develop a close relationship with your clients. Your position as a trusted adviser has been built on providing strong consistent advice, being proactive and responsive, and looking after your client’s “big picture” needs. The following may be helpful in understanding the needs of some of your client’s better.


Why Exit Planning?

As business owners are focused on the business of building businesses, they have difficulty in exiting them. They have worked their lifetime to accumulate their wealth, only to have it locked away until it is released by an exit strategy.

Fortunately our Exit Planning Process helps business owners exit their business on their own terms. It is much more than just selling a business through a standard business broker. It starts with nurturing and positioning the business to optimise its value and make it attractive to potential buyers. It includes a personal transition plan for the business owner to help with the adjustment to life after business. It concludes with either selling the business for maximum value or passing it on to the family.


A Collaborative Approach …

We are fellow professionals. We do not become your client’s other advisers, but instead we work with you to assist business owners in their Business Exit Planning.

And it’s a Win – Win solution for you and your Clients!

It is good for your clients as they will optimise their business wealth and gain peace of mine, and good for you as your position as valued adviser will be reinforced,  your clients’ outcomes have been maximised,  your service range has increased and the value of your own business has improved.


So Let’s Get Started

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